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Why this course?


Statistics is the backbone of building a strong career in analytics and data science. Often, statistics is neglected by budding analysts and data scientists. This often leads to a superficial knowledge about different modelling techniques.

Strong knowledge of statistics helps you understand the underlying implications of different models and improve your data analysis capabilities. Understanding different types of data andrelevant techniques for analysis can significantly improve analysis capabilities for any data analyst. Moreover, knowledge of underlying statistical techniques can help in fine-tuning machine learning models easily and improve accuracy significantly.

Who should opt for this course?

  • Anyone who wishes to develop theoretical and practical understanding of statistics
  • Any student or professional preparing for job interview and wish to ace statistics
  • Any professional willing to grow and succeed as a data analyst or a data scientist
  • Any student or research professional working on projects that involves data collection and analysis

Comprehensive Course Coverage

This course covers statistics in great depth and covers following aspects:

  • Basics of statistics
  • Statistics functions such as Mean, Median, Mode, Correlation, Covariance, Causality
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Sampling
  • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
  • Markov Chains
  • Data Distributions
  • 100+ (and counting) conceptual and practical question to test your understanding
  • 7 practice tests to help you develop detailed understanding of the concept
  • 1 Evaluation test to test your knowledge

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Course Curriculum

Basics of Statistics
Basics of Statistics
Introduction to Statistics
Hypothesis Testing
Hypothesis Testing
Random Variable and Process
Random Variable and Processes
Markov Chains
Markov Chains
Data Distribution Curves
Normal Distribution
Poisson Distribution
Introduction to Various Types of Sampling
Practice Tests
Practice Test 1 - Sampling
Practice Test 2 - Sampling
Practice Test 3 - Distributions
Practice Test 4 - Data Summarization
Practice Test 5 - Exploratory Data Analysis
Practice Test 6 - Hypothesis Testing and Inference
Practice Test 7 - Probability
Final Evaluation
Final Evaluation 1

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